How times change!

1st August 2013

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people change and mature. I still cannot believe that I am nearing my mid 20′s. 23 years of my life have passed and it doesn’t feel nearly that long. It’s even stranger when I realise how much I’ve change in such a short amount of time – well how much everything has change. I didn’t think a week, a month…or even a year were long enough for so many things to change.

The people I talk to, the things that interest me, they seem to be changing all the time. I didn’t really notice it till recently.

Sometimes I am driving along and I suddenly think to myself – I have been driving for four whole years now, and yet I can remember taking my drivers test as if it were yesterday. It doesn’t feel like 4 years have passed since that moment, I was so nervous about driving by myself and now I do it regularly without so much as a second thought.

A lot of changes have been happening lately that have made me think about the way things change, some have hit me more than others….

I have 2 YouTube accounts, and I was trying to move my subscriptions over to just one of my accounts, but it turns out with the news account switching feature Google has in place, it is actually easier to switch accounts every time. I found old subscriptions that I hadn’t looked at in some time, and one of them was bad lip reading, which I used to find really funny – the very first one I saw was the Rebecca Black one – a spoof of “Friday” called “Gang Fight” – that video was posted on a forum and that’s how I found out about the channel in the first place, that was a couple of years ago, I didn’t realise that song came out in 2011. I have spent several hours looking through some of my favourite videos that I had long forgotten about.

When I look back at the person I was last year when I was really into this YouTube account, it may have even been more like 6 months ago, it makes me wonder how people can change so fast.

I still enjoy looking back and doing the things I used to love, but I also enjoy being a new person with new interests.

Getting more active

18th July 2013

After what seems to be a very long break…I’m back and working on new pixels and content. I want to be active in the community again (I know it’s out there somewhere!) so I’m going to be putting in some extra effort into keeping this place up to date.

I don’t have anything big planned since I am still happy with my current layout but I have been thinking about small changes to the layout (header change, colour change). For now I think I should concentrate on getting more active.

Starting my scrapbook…finally

17th February 2013

I posted about the first step in making my scrapbook. I have loads of scraps that have been ready for ages to be used. Since my archives project is now at a standstill (still can’t find my notebook!) I’m turning to different projects for a while! (Maybe if I’m not looking for it, it will show up?)

Hamtaro webpage!

15th February 2013

Well it’s up! You can find it in my history section – yes it is very basic, and I have no idea who owns half the images on the page – I did put a note on the home page stating I didn’t know who to credit. It seems like a lot of the places I got my images from are no longer on the web :(


Don’t expect much of it – its basic and it was my first experience with building a web page – I used Microsoft front page (this is what set me up for learning html) ENJOY!!!

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